Fused Forces


this tune KILLS IT. DEAD. 

big up Fused Forces 

Damaged Lung (Mutated Mindz Remix) on Kiss 100…

Out to Hatcha for his continued support of our music on his Kiss 100 Dubstep show.

Collab with Sparxy… Leviathan

Fused Forces back on GetDarker TV - 14th Aug

Next Tuesday we’re back up on GetDarker TV for our 5th appereance, we’ve got a bag full of fresh and unheard material so we’re looking forward to this!

To watch / listen and get involved… http://live.getdarker.com/live/

Truth Chronicles Vol #5 - Mixed by TRUTH

Big up Truth for including the Dubfreq remix of our track ‘Rolling With It’ in their latest Chronicles mix…


Truth - Subconcious 
District - Locust 
Vaun - Colourful 
Dubtek - Extension 
J:Kenzo - Engage 
Truth - Born Enemies 
Biome - Shadows 
Truth feat: Datsik & Yayne - Too late (Megaladon Remix) 
Fused Forces - Rolling With It (Dubfreq Remix) 
Truth &Yayne - Surveillance Society

Daily dose of Dubstep with Genetix of Circus Records.

Big up Genetix for playing both ‘Big Foot VIP’ & ‘Damaged Lung’ in their Daily Dose of Dubstep for MistaJam on BBC Radio 1xtra…




- Genetix — Losing You
- Buchan — Heavy Rain
- Brownz — Space 21
- Requake — No Pain No Gain
- Haze — Shaolin
- Format — Dystopia
- Genetix — Electrocution
- Farkas & Laxx — Creature
- Eptic — Juice
- Genetix — What I Need
- Surge — Crtl Alt Delete
- Audio Sleaze — Life Forms
- Vicious Circle — Hibernation
- Genetix — Cryostatis
- Disonata — Sound Killa (Standard Procedure Remix)
- Southbound Hangers & Hizzle Guy — Fruitcakes
- Bong — Theta Waves (Genetix Remix)
- Funtcase & Persist — In
- Laxx & Soap Dodgers — High Roller
- Sparxy & Richy — Victimize
- Fused Forces — Big Foot VIP
- RAZOR REKTA — Kickstart
- Genetix — Natural State
- Kemistry — Breathing (Content Remix)
- Genetix — Closer
- Voltron — Play It (Brownz Remix)
- Requake — Rage Face
- Audio Sleaze — The Unknown
- Genetix — Consequence
- Sparxy & Inteligent Delinquent — Man On Fire
- Surge ft Beezy — Sin Till Late
- Volitile — Submission (Genetix Remix)
- Fused Forces — Damaged Lungs
- Perverse — Resistance
- Dub Apes — Pandora’s Sorrows
- RAZOR REKTA — Tugboat
- Standard Procedure & 2Nice — See You All (Remix)
- Genetix — 24/7
- DJ Hazard — Machete (Nostalgia Kills The Bad Guy Bootleg)
- Eptic — Slime City

TRUTH- Official mixtape for Outlook Festival 2012!

Featuring our new track ‘Desolation’ big up for the include lads!


Truth- Haarp 
Truth- Iron Lung 
J:Kenzo - Invaderz 
Content - Xerxes 
Subreachers - Fear 
Perverse - Obsidian 
Gutcha - Into Your Mind 
District - The Shift 
Truth - Don’t Explain (Riskotheque & Marchmellow Remix) 
Matt U - Wipe em out 
Dubtek - Substance 
Content- Osmosis 
Biome and Thelem -Jaganu 
TMSV - War 
Killawatt & Core - Akusala 
Chewie - Survival (Riskotheque Remix) 
DJ Madd - Portal 
Truth - Dusk 
Benny Tones ft: Joe Dukie- Home (Truth Remix) 
Truth & Yayne - Dangerous 
Fused Forces - Desolation 
Widow Maker - Forgotten Ruin 
Perverse - Fucking Insanity 
Truth - Spook (Biome Remix) 
Truth - Foundation 
Truth - Southern Nights (Dubtek Remix) 
Truth - Babylon London 
Truth - Gaza

Fused Forces - Rolling With It (Dubfreq Remix)

Big up Dubfreq for the banging job he done on this one!

Interview & mix for BassMusic.ME

Fused Forces the dynamic duo from Essex; Adam Adsassin and Daniel Moriatti have been visionaries in the UK music scene, staying busy with over 20 releases to date. They landed in the wildly popular “This Is Dubstep” compilation, graced Get Darker’s studio, frequent guests on Ministry of Sound, and Force FM. Even breaking into commercial advertisements, having music featured on a Tiger Beer promotional campaign, and that is just the start. Bassmusic.me gets the chance to talk to the pair about upcoming special projects, their label, “Substance Abuse Recordings” and “Scruffy Hoodlum”, a bass music night in Southend.

Read the interview here »> http://bassmusic.me/news/fused-forces-interview/

For the mix we decided to cover some of our favourite & biggest tracks… New dubs, lost gems, collabs & forthcomings.


1. Fused Forces – Vikings feat Skanker (Dub)
2. Fused Forces – City Skyline (Scruffy_Hoodlum)
3. Gadman Dubs – Chocklate Foundation – Fused Forces Remix (Dub)
4. Fused Forces – Cerberus (Dubstrict)
5. Fused Forces – K-Hole (Substance Abuse)
6. Fused Forces – Prefer To Be Plastered (Scruffy_Hoodlum)
7. Fused Forces – Peeper (Getdarker)
8. Fused Forces – Whats Going Down (Substance Abuse)
9. Fused Forces – Molten Rock – BadKlaat Remix (Dub)
10. Roommate & The Bassist – Rub-A-Dub – Fused Forces (Dub)
11. Demon & Fused Forces – Streamroller (Getdarker)
12. Fused Forces – Henry V.I.P (Dub)
13. Fused Forces – Ocean Dawn (Area Recordings)
14. Soundproof & Fused Forces – Disincarnate (Dub)
15. Fused Forces – Muddy Pauper (Dub)
16. Fused Forces – Rise Above It (Dub)
17. Catacombs – Warsaw – Fused Forces Remix (Dub)
18. Fused Forces – Orbit (Dub)

'Trashbat & Fused Forces - Cascade'

Recorded 8th May - DJ Hatcha & Fused Forces - Kiss FM.

AxH feat Louis Logic - Came To Brawl (Fused Forces Remix)

Official remix for Boston producer AxH featuring former Demigodz member Louis Logic.

Fused Forces - Damaged Lung

Ripped from DJ Hatcha & Crazy D’s Dubstep show on Kiss 100.

The Dirty Rich - Plastic Fantastic (Fused Forces Remix)

Ripped from DJ Hatcha’s show on Kiss 100 - 14/3/12.

Big up DJ Hatcha for opening his and Goth Trad’s back to back set with our track Damaged Lung (3:06:06), massive show, dont sleep on it!!


what a lucky girl I am to be representing 2 of the scene’s biggest and most sought after MCs! I have welcomed Flow Dan and Crazy D onto the Acute Promotions Agency roster in the past 6 weeks… set above is from GetDarker with Hatcha B2B Goth Trad.

In as unbiased an opinion as possible, this set is so sick. As always, both Hatcha and Goth Trad take the set on a journey, keeping the listener fixated. I was fortunate enough to be in the area and popped down to the studio to witness it first-hand and yet I’ve still watched this 3 times over.

L2S Recordings 074: Fused Forces vs M2J

Out 19th March on L2S Recordings:

Fused Forces - Skuffle Shuffle (M2J Remix)

M2J - Silent Running (Fused Forces Remix) 

Preview & Pre-order on Juno HERE